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Date Created
1939 – 1945
Object Entities
Slote&Klein, (created by)
Peters, Tom (owned by)
Object Description
Beige WWII flighter helment with built in headphones. The cap itself is canvas material in a beige or khaki color. There are three lines of stitiching, about an inch and a half apart, going over the top center of the head (starting at the forhead area and going all the way down to the neck). One one stitching that goes all the way around the base of the cap. At the forehead there is one flap of fabric the is under that bottom rim stitch, it would cover part of the forhead and in yellow paint there is the work "Greek" painted on. At the ears of the cap there is a pair of built in headphones. On the outside the they are black in color. The center of the headphone is metal and a raised inch wide cirlce with the words " US Navy. ANB-H-IA C.T.E" incraved over it (this is on both ear pieces). On the top of the metal portion there is a wire that is connected to both ear pieces. On the actual piece itself there are two wires connected to the headphone itsef with one center piece that is looped on a metal hook. On the left center portion of the wire another strand comes off of it and at the end of it is a plug. The wire is hugged closer to the cap by three leather straps on the back of the head; the center strap is swen on while each of the side ones clasp at the top. Under the right headphone there are two buckels: one just the buckle piece while the other has both the buckle piece and a longer leather strap which is buckled in on one side and the other having one end of a clasp. Under the other headphone is a single buckle piece and a single clasp piece (this one would hook into the other clasp piece on the other side). Inside of the cap has the same stitching on the outside and also has a small square patch on the bottom middle of the cap. It is black with gold writing reading " Part No. AN6542-2. Size Medium. Contract No. N288s-20478. Slote&Klein inc." Four rows of text. The headphones are black in color and swen onto the cap. They have yellowish colored pads for comfort on the ear.
The helmet belonged to Tom Peters (Petrakis), uncle of the donor. He was an Naval bomber piolet in WWII with the nickname "Greek"
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