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Rowland, and Mrs. John David (is related to)
Rowland, (is related to)
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Rectangular frame with painting of the angels and magi visiting the birth of Christ. The frame itself is bordered in black (about an half inch) and from there the frame is slightly raised and painted gold. The gold portion has been made to look a bit distressed with hits of black and red/brick shades put in. The picture itself shows the depiction of the nativity scene. In the top left corner there is Greek writing which reads "The Birth". On the opposite side there is another bit of text, however there has been some water damage so it is unreadable. In the top center there is a large sun beam, a few rays coming off around it and one large ray that extends down to hover above Jesus. Slightly lower, but on each side of the sun beam there is an angel. The one on the left hand side is seated on a cloud, possibly kneeling since his legs are not able to be seen. His right hand is stretched slightly outward and holding onto a scroll while the other hand is resting on his chest. His garment is a cream like color, long sleeved and comes up high on the neck line. There is also a red tunic draped over the right shoulder and round the hips. The face is in slight profile: the chin is not completely to the side but we only have view of one eye. There is not much definition of the chin/jaw line and the forehead slightly protrudes outward and the eyes/eyebrow is set fairly high up. Hair color is a light brown/blonde color and appears to be around shoulder length, but is slicked back. The halo starts at roughly at the chin and circle the rest of the head, placed behind the head itself and is in a gold metallic color. There are wings coming from behind the shoulders, the one on the left side is half shown, the rest is blocked by the frame. The other angel looks very much similar with a few changes. He is slightly taller than the other, but is also seated on a cloud, maybe kneeling and legs are not in view. The garment is also a cream color, but the tunic is yellow, also draped similar to the other. His right hand is stretched outward, also holding onto a scroll and his other hand is resting on his chest. Face similar to the other in terms of it being slightly profile but is a bit taller and has a less protruding forehead. Hair also light brown/blonde but a shade lighter than the other and halo exactly the same. With this angel both wings are in view but the on the right side there is some cracking in the paint and a deep red coloring over it. The scroll that they are both holding is white with black writing which reads "Glory to the Lord Above and Peace on Earth". The roof of the barn is a dark green color, with the inside simply being black. There is one magi shown to the left, under the left side angel. He is dress with a qamis and a head covering. It is in a dark green color, very similar to the color of the roof of the barn. There is also some gold coloring added in the hood area, certain parts on the chest, shoulders, and lower arm. The left hand is shown bent at the elbow and holding a black cane, but the right arm is hidden behind Joseph. He is gazing in the direction of baby Jesus who is placed in the center of the painting. He has a long white beard and there is a small black spot used to shade under the lip as well as a black downturned line to created the mouth. Joseph is placed more forward and to the right of the magi. He is in a kneeling position, arms bent at the elbow and crossed just under is chest. His garment is green, lighter than the barn, and has gold details around the chest/neckline, shoulder and lower arm. He has a large tunic draped over the left shoulder and the rest draped down around the hips and cover the legs and this is in a darker gold tone with hints of red/brick color in the leg area; this could possibly be used to show the folds in the tunic. His head is bent downward looking at baby Jesus, eyes about half way closed and in a downward gaze. He has a grey full beard and grey hair; somewhat long, going just slightly lower than his ears. Like the angels above he has a gold metallic halo around his head. To his right is Mary. She to is kneeling and arms bent at the elbow: both motioning toward Jesus in the middle of her and Joseph. Her dress is a dark blue with gold in the skirt, which shows the folds in the fabric. At the highest point of the neckline there is about less than an half inch of a light green color, which also has a little hint of gold within. There is also a V-shape of gold right beneath it. She has a red veil/cloak draped over her head, which comes down to her wrist and then flows down her back to her ankles. Like Joseph her head is turned downward looking down at her son; eye half closed and a very slight grin to her mouth. Also like Joseph and the angels she has a halo surrounding her head. Behind Joseph, towards the center is a brown bull looking towards the center, at Jesus. Not much of the bull can be seen minus his head and part of his chest. You can see the front view of the chin and nose, but only one eye is in view. He appears to have a large smile on his face. Behind Mary, also towards the center is a white horse, like the bull only part of it is in view: the head and neck. The horse is in profile view, but both ears are shown. Also like the bull the horse has a large smile on his face. In the very center of this scene is baby Jesus. He is on his crib, which has a bed of hay, but instead of having a yellow color to it, it is depicted as green with some yellow to the tips. Jesus himself is wrapped up in a white blanket and the only part of him visible is his head and part of his neck/chest. his gaze is looking up in the direction of either Joseph or possibly up towards the ray of sun coming down towards him. He does have a bit of hair shown, a dirty blonde color and thick eyebrows in the same color. He to has a halo over his head, but it is not as prominent as the other. Instead of a bright gold it is more of a copper color and is not done with neat lines but shown somewhat like a sunbeam behind his head. About two inches above Jesus is an yellow image of a star, the star that the magi followed to find the barn. It has one center dot with ten individual lines coming off of it. It is placed within the ray of sun. The ground with Mary and Joseph are kneeling on is in a dark brown color with bits of light brown and green put in as accents and dimension. In the bottom corners of the painting there are cracks in the paint, but no pealing. There is also a thin crack that starts at about the center of the bottom and works its way up, through Mary's left hand, through her forehead and slightly past. The back of the frame is light wood, with some of the black paint on the edges. There are "X's" drawn in pencil on the top and both side. On the bottom, also written in pencil is "6123, 9 9/8X13 1/2X MET 627 Tone as sample 393524" The center plaque of wood, used to hold the painting portion in place is dark brown wood with two parallel one inch slabs stapled on it, about six and a half inches apart. There is also two, one on each side, silver loops, connected by wire to use as a hanging point of the frame.
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