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Carras, Jean (created by)
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Large wool knit blaket. Square shaped. Two of the sides are edged with a pointed scallops crochet, the other two of the sides are simple pointed scallops, but not done in crochet, but just knitted. The blanket itself is multi colored, with five different colors, which are in five inch panels in a chevron shape. The first of the panels is solid red with the exception of a thin line that follows the top edge of the panel, which is in a mustard color, but leave another thin boarder above it that is in the red. The next panel is in the mustard color. Like the panel before it there is another thin line that follows the edge of the panel, but this one is in orange. Next panel is in the color pink with the egded color in the same mustard color as the panel before it. Next is in the color purple, however there is some fading done to the wool so some beige is showing through. Again there is another edge color, this being the pink that matches the panel above. The middle panel is in an orange with a purple egded color. The rest of the blanket is a mirrored image of the previous description. About ten inches from the edge of the blanket there are four very think knited lines that run vertically down each of the colored panels. They are each about eight and a half inches from one another. The first line is in the color pink, the next purple, then pink and then purple again. The two crochet edges of the blanket are swen to the blanket itself by a darker blue thread.
Woven by Jean Carras (1900-2001), mother of Thoams Carras. She had woven this when she was around twelve years old and has since stayed with the family.
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