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Leather; Wood
Object Description
White, leather, heeled shoe, right foot of the pair. The leather is on the top portion of the shoe and is also wrapped around the heal; the heal is about 2 inches. Half inch spaces seperate small holes that are used to connected the fabric of the shoes to the sole of the shoe; thin strands of leather sewn through the holes. The sole of the shoe is made if wood, but is painted in a grey color; on the front portion there is wearing of the color, causing the show of the brown wood underneith. The bottom of the heal are has fading and has eight nails in it. The top of the shoe, leather, has an embroidered blue design. A blue flower is stitched on the toe of the shoes; darker blue petals that are outlines in a lighter blue and also has a yellow center. Coming off of the flower are thinner blue strings stitched in to look like stems; twisting around and work their waiy up the shoe till the leather ends, about two inches from the heal. There are also two circles, done in the same way as the flower, on the sides of the shoe. The inside of the shoe is grey in color, also leather, and has a slight cushion at the heal.
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Shoe, National Hellenic Museum, Accessed 08/10/22.