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Pilafas, Eugenia (is related to)
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Rectangular, satin fabric with embroidered cross in center. The cross itself is solid black. Surrounding the top of the cross is a floral wreath: the flowers are small and a sea foam green color with yellow centers and a green steam and leaves. Towards the bottom of the cross, overlapping the base, is an embroidered anchor: it is raise slightly higher then the other embroidery, stitched in with a larger thread, and is outlined in black and within the center are small flat, black beads with raise yellow centers. Coming off the top of the anchor is a large chain, also done in the thicker string. Also overlapping/surrounding the base of the cross are numerous flowers and plant life. Three of the flowers are pink, two in a light purple. All of the steams and leaves are done in a multi-green string, minus one that uses tan and cream and grey. Although the front of the fabric is silk the back of it is in a more sheer, cotton like fabric and it is splitting from the silk. This could have been added to the back to give more support to the embroidery on the silk.
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