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Fully embroidered clutch purse. It is red, green and cream in color. It was created by sowing two pieces of fabric together, the back piece being longer than the other; Folds over to create the flap that covers the opening of the purse. The whole clutch is edged with red stitching with the natural color of the fabric in the center. Directly next to the edging is a one inch wide design that runs vertically over the whole purse. The pattern consists of an oval shaped base with an oval shape coming from the center. It is outlined in a light blue and the patterns alternated colors: two red, then two green and so forth. Going from the top of the pattern and the base is a zigzag line that is the same color as the center of the image. Surrounding each image is a light purple stitch that is in a somewhat square, pentagon shape. In between the area where the point of the "pentagon" and the base of the other meets is stitched full with alternating red and green. This vertical strip of design also goes horizontal in two spots; the edge of the flap and edge of the opening. The rest of the purse is done in a separate embroidery pattern. The individual images of the pattern are set horizontally from one another and alternated colors: red and green. The image itself has a top, which looks like a pyramid. The bottom center of it has a stitching of a circle, it is just defined by being edged in blue string, the center is still the color of the pyramid, and has a small rectangle coming down from it. Somewhat spoon shaped. Directly below the "pyramid" us a triangular edged line, reaching the outward end it curved down into a smooth, semi circular line. When it reached the center is has a rounded point. Going inwards from the triangular edges, it creates a rectangular space that the rectangular piece of the top portion of the design can fit into. In on each side of the bottom design, in the center, there is triangular stitching that is on the opposite color of the whole design; if it is red the triangles are green and vise versa. Most of the colors have help up, but there are a few stops where the green as become discolored and turned slightly yellow or mustard.
Given to Mr. Ladas from the Museum of Avlona. The museum was founded in 1937 on the initiative of Zigomala Lucia (1866-1947) and worked from the beginning to the exhibition space was added for this purpose at the family cottage Zigomala. The re-opening took place in 1990-1990 and inaugurated in July 1991. The museum is managed by the Commission and operates under the supervision of the Department of Popular Culture Ministry of Culture. The modern-iteration of the handbag comes into use, referring to l leather shopping bags and briefcases which could be worn around the shoulder. Men carried briefcases, which included folders for the newly invented pounded note that replaced the gold sovereign in 1914. Development of the "pochette" a type of clutch occurs in the 1900's. The pochette was often decorated to represent freedom associated with youth. Also after WWII, women's restrictive corseting and superfluous layers left mainstream fashion. Women carried "pochettes" usually featuring a geometic motif, which they carried under their arms. Bags no longer need to coordinate precisely with a women's outfit.
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