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Glass; Metal
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Clear glass bottle in the shape of a pig standing up with arms crossed behind its back. Face is fairly detailed: snout with two nostrils, wide-set eyes rimmed with lashes, and half-moon smile. Ears are high on side of head. Has three button shapes on its stomach. The glass is smooth on head, stomach, hands and front of legs but textured like fur on arms and the back. At the top of the bottle is a red twist-on cap with an off-white circle in the center and a 1 inch slot across the top. Off-white lettering around the rim says "PIGGY BANK BOTTLE" twice. On the top, off-white lettering says "PIGGY BANK" above the circle and "SYRUP" below the circle. There are several small scratches on the top of the cap and three faint numbers above the slot that might have been a stamp. The underside of the cap is painted gold but is very scratched and spotted. There is residue on the glass on the front of each leg, possibly from a label. Also has small specks of residue on back of head. Bottom of bottle has a number 7 and a faint impression with the word "BAR."
This glass piggy bank bottle was made in New England in the 1950s. It probably held maple syrup, but could have been used to hold flavored syrups for sale at soda fountains. Once the syrup was gone, it was used as a piggy bank.
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