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Glass, Shot
Object Entities
Greece, (created by)
Semeges, Mary (owned by)
Semeges, Mary (is related to)
Semeges, John (is related to)
Object Description
Small, white, ceramic shot glass or egg glass. Object is white with a base, stem, and cup at the top. The base has two black circles painted around it with brownish-red marks painted between the two lines. The stem is black.  The black continues up onto the cup of the glass where it turns into black triangles -- the triangles resembling the sepals of a flower. These triangles go 1/3rd of a way up the cup, the background of the triangles is brownish with a purposely spotty effect. At the top of the triangles are two more black circles that encircle the top of the cup, then there are wavy, thinner black lines with brownish-red marks between each curve. Above this, just below the rim of the cup, is one more thicker black line. The inside of the cup is white. The bottom of the cup has a "Kutahia hand made in Greece" logo with a double-headed eagle that is faded out in the middle.
Kutahia is a small merchant in Athens that makes statues and pottery which reflect the tradition of Ancient Greece. Although their products are handmade, they are reproductions.
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