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Pitcher, Cream
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Semeges, Mary (collected by)
Semeges, Mary (owned by)
Semeges, Mary (is related to)
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Ceramic pitcher for cream. The cup is pinched inward towards the top and it has a spout for pouring. The rim is lined with a thin gold line that is wearinf off and the outside has a puposely "shattered" sort of design of maroon, blue and green. Up the side, opposite of the spout, is a gold handle that begins near the bottom of the cup and attaches at the top where the handle folds inward and ends in a curl. The gold tint is wearing off, exposing the white ceremic underneath. The inside of the cup is plain white ceramic and so is the bottom. On the bottom, imprinted lightly, is a number that reads "2639".
For pouring cream into coffee or tea. Maker of the cups is unknown. According to Ms. Semeges, there was a fourth cup to the set which was broken.
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