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Box, Storage
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Polychronis, Helen (is related to)
Fink, D. (is related to)
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Tall, rectangular tin tole bin used for storing tea. The bin is black and worn, with much of the paint worn off. The top of the bin has an address printed on it in copper colored, old-fashioned print which reads: "D.FINK 678 Hudson St. New York" On the lid of the bin there seems to have been images of flowers that encircles the edges of the lid. In the center, in bold letters "MIXED" is printed in black letters with gold outline. There is a hole at the summit of the lid for a knob. The knob is metal and a reddish-brownish color. It has a lot of rust and many scratch marks. On the front side of the bin is another faded image in tinted copper color. It is of two figures, a man playing a string instrument, and a woman dancing with two fans. Both are of ancient oriental dress. There are also palm trees around the background and the floral pattern encircles the design again. Much of this is faded. The bottom of the tin is painted green. The sides and back have no extra designs painted on them and are very scratched up. The back, lower left side of the bin has a small puncture mark. The inside of the bin has no black paint and retains the natural tin sheen except for the fact that there is a lot of rust and many scratch marks that cover much of it.
Tole bins were typically used in the 19th century for tea storage and frequented stores. The donor claims that the bin was once used in a grocery store before WW2 and bought from the previous owner, whose name is at the top of the bin. Also claims that the bin must be over 100 years old and that it was stored in a basement since 1940, during which time the bottom was painted green. The designs that adorn it are of oriental subject and were a popular style at the time for such bins. According to fire records from 1901, D.Fink was associated with a store of some kind.
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