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Hammered metal, round canteen with a rippled surface and a spout with an attached cap. There is a metal chain that connects the cap for the spout with the canteen's body. There is also a metal chain handle attached on either side of the canteen's body about a fourth from the top allowing for the canteen to be handled. The canteen's body is attached to a stand/pedestal at its base. On both sides, the canteen's body's center feautres a circular raised scene of a man (presumably a saint, there appears to be a halo) holding a spear and riding on horseback into what appears to be a city. The scene is surrounded by a thin band that mimics rope, a slightly thicker band made up of small squares, and another thin rope-like band.
A canteen is a drinking water bottle designed to be used by hikers, campers, soldiers and workers in the field. It is usually fitted with a shoulder strap or means for fastening it to a belt, and may be covered with a cloth bag and padding to protect the bottle and insulate the contents. If the padding is soaked with water, evaporative cooling can help keep the contents of the bottle cool. Many canteens also include a nested canteen cup.

Designs of the mid-1900s were made of metal — tin-plated steel, stainless steel or aluminium — with a screw cap, the cap frequently being secured to the bottle neck with a short chain or strap to prevent loss. These were an improvement over glass bottles, but were subject to developing pinhole leaks if dented, dropped or bumped against jagged rocks.
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