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Velvet; Wood
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Andreas, (is related to)
Kodros, . (is related to)
Christopher, St. (is related to)
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Framed Icon of St. Christopher. the fram itself is bordered with carved, gold tinted leaf esigns that go all the way around it. INside the frame is green velvet material lining the inside. Mounted in the center of the piece is a wooden bloack with the depiction of St. Christopher. Parts of the paint have been covered in some substance and are inrecognizable. The saint is holding a rod in his left hand and two of the fingers on that hand are extended. he wears green robes with a red cape and in his right hand is a banner with wording on it that reads "This struggle we are celebrating lord unharmed forever". There is another inscription that reads "Deification of Christopher" as well as a year "1861" This is all in Byzantium Greek. At the saint's right side, hovering just behnd his head is a small man figure, possibly Christ. Both have halos. The background consists of a flat green surface and a gold tinted sky. The paint is metallic and has a luster. The piece is covered with some sort of finishing coat. The back of the frame has a single wire tied to two metal eyelets near the top for hanging. There is a brown paper covering the covers the entire back side and at the top right hand side there is a faded read number that reads "#1978" as well as a small rip.
IN Christian orthodox faith, Christopher was a martyr who died under Decius . He is patron Saint of travellers, among other things, and his name translates to "Christ-Bearer" as he is said to have carried the Christ child for a time in his legend; the child bein gunnaturally heavy because he carried the weight of the world. Saint Christopher's feat day is July 25th.
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