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Paper; Wood
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Mantzoros, Margaret (owned by)
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Mantzoros, Margaret (is related to)
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Charter certificate for the Cheiron No. 274 Chapter of the Daughters of Penelope Order of AHEPA Senior Auxiliary.  Certificate is white with narrow red border running around the perimeter about an inch away from the edge.  At the top and center of the certificate is the Daughters of Penelope logo.  Directly underneath the logo the certificate is titled:  "DAUGHTERS of PENELOPE Order of AHEPA Senior Auxiliary".  The body of the certificate reads as follows:
"Whereas the National Headquarters of the Daughters of Penelope has received a petition from Helen Theophilus, Kiki Lulias, Helen Georges, Mary S. Nicolopulos, Ann Chiropolos, Demetra Klentzo, Angeline Chiropolos, Angeline Castanes, Stella Bozikis, Theresa Gianopoulos, Mary Vosnos, Betty Keziosm Pauline Karam, Anna Savchuk, Niki Gianopoulos, Caroline Gianopoulous, Bertha Geovanes, Esther C. Mavrikis, Anna L. Sianis, Eleanor M. Economos, Metaxia Mantzoros of the City of Glenview, State of Illinois, praying to be constituted a Chapter of said Order, under the name of Cheiron No. 274, directs this Charter to be issued the petitioners, under the name aforesaid, and to bear the date of being the date of institution of said Chapter. The said Chapter is hereby empowered to do and perform all such acts and deeds as are prescribed in the rituals and constitution of the Order of the Daughters of Penelope. This Chapter may be suspended or withdrawn and the rights and privileges conferred thereby revoked for any neglect or refusal on the part of said Chapter to conform to and comply with the rituals, constitution, laws and usages of the Order as adopted and maintained under the authority of the Order of AHEPA. In Witness whereof this Chapter is issued and the seal of the Order is hereunto affixed. There 13th day of January in the year of our Lord 1978 Washington D.C. Signed by the Grand President and Grand Secretary of the Daughters of Penelope." 
There is a metallic gold seal in the lower left-hand corner of the document.  Official signatures are in the lower right-hand corner.
The Daughters of Penelope was founded in San Francisco, California on November 16, 1929, for the purpose of helping women and families of immigrants of Greek descent to assimilate into early 20th century American
Now, a century later, the main focus is to promote the social, ethical, philanthropic, cultural and intellectual interests of its members, while preserving and promoting the ideals and traditions of Hellenism in each
of our communities
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