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Screen, Table
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Bacil, Constantine (is related to)
Object Description
A square, off white piece of fabric that has cross stitched flower designs on it. The main colors used are brown, copper, green, white, light blue, gold, and light pink. The outside border has two straight brown lines of stitching about an inch apart with a squigly copper line inbetween with small flowers coming off it. In each corner there is a large design with three tulip like flowers-one with a green base and two with brown bases- and six smaller daisy like flowers- two blue and brown and four pink and blue- around them. In between these corner designs, still on the outter section, there are three more daisy like flowers, one pink and blue, two brown and blue. In the middle of the square, another square appears in cross stitch, defined by the same border design that runs along the outter edge. Inside of this second border are four more tulip like flowers, one in each corner. Two have green stems and two have brown stems and are aranged with the colors in opposite corners.
There is a return address label taped to the front. It reads: Mr. Constantinc N. Bacil 2723 W. Leland Ave Chicago, IL 60625
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