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Bronze; Metal; Wood
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basketball trophy. rectangular white and grey marble base base with a rectangular yellow plastic pedastool in the center held up by a round metal column. At the front of the pedestool is a bronze plaque which reads: "GREEK ORTHODOX BASKETBALL LEAGUE 1983-84 SOUTH SIDE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS GIRLS DIVISION" Atop the plastic piece sits tw oround wooden columns, one on each side. they are about 15 inches long each. between them is a center metal piece which projects upward 5.750 inches from the base and supports a metal basketball on top. On top of the two wooden columns is another yellow rectangular plastic platform. On top of that are the figure of two eagles with wings stread upward. thre is on on each side. In the center was another metal structure, but it's broken off at the base.
The "Greek Orthodox Basketball League" was founded in the 1940's and was made for veterans. through the 70's it adapted its own bylaws and new divisions were added, including the girls division which won the south side conference in 1983.
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