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A small, gold-painted metal statue of Private George Dilboy.  Approximately 7" - 9" tall, it's a mini replica of the memorial statue at the Hines Veterans Administration Hospital in Hines, IL.

The statute depicts a young man standing with legs apart in full vintage battle dress; round helmet with rim, ammo, trousers and high vintage battle boots.  His shoulders are back, his chin is up and his arms are straight down and slightly in front.  In his hands - a rifle.

On the front surface of the base of the statue "George Dilboy" is engraved in capital letters.
George Dilboy (February 5, 1896–July 18, 1918), Private First Class, U.S. Army, Company H, 103d Infantry, 26th Division is thought to be the first Greek-American to receive the Medal of Honor during World War I, for leading an attack on a machinegun position and continuing to fire at the enemy despite being seriously wounded, killing two of the enemy and dispersing the remainder of the gun crew. General John Pershing listed George Dilboy as one of the 10 greatest heroes of the war. Dilboy is buried in Section 18 of Arlington National Cemetery. George Dilboy Memorial erected May 24, 1942 by the George Dilboy Memorial Foundation at the Hines Veterans Administration Hospital in Hines, IL.
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