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Object Name
Date Created
circa 1900
Cotton; Wax
Object Description
A small round, cardboard box with a yellow circular emblem outlined in orange on the lid about a quarter inch from the edge all around. In the middle of the emblem is the text, "Talisman." The small box contains the wicks for Fitili. The wicks are pink and there one of the floating contraptions (a small tripod made of metal and attached to three cubes of cork with a hole in the center for the wick, would have been placed in the olive oil and water) with a wick in it. There are many loose wicks and a small bundle of wicks held together by tape.
Fitili are candle-like objects used in the Greek Orthodox tradition and were hung (or set) in a home's worship space or in a church. A jar would have been filled with a little water and olive oil and the floating contraption with a wick which would have been long enough to be set in the olive oil. These specific wicks probably would have been used in the home and not the church.
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