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Bob, Plumb
Brass; Wood Composite
Object Entities
Xenakis, Thomas (created by)
Xenaki, Thomas (is related to)
Object Description
A brass plumb bob and line. The line is wrapped around a piece of wood composite. The tip of the bob is black. Around the top of the bpb "NO 54 MF CO MADE IN USA" is inscribed. The bob weighs 8 ounces. The black tip can be unscrewed from the brass body. This is a piece off the fourth panel of Thomas Xenaki's mixed media art titled Doxology. This piece either fell off or was taken off.
A plumb-bob or a plummet is a weight, usually with a pointed tip on the bottom, that is suspended from a string and used as a vertical reference line, or plumb-line. It is essentially the y-axis equivalent of a "water level". The instrument has been used since at least the time of ancient Egypt to ensure that constructions are "plumb", or vertical. It is also used in surveying to establish the nadir with respect to gravity of a point in space. They are used with a variety of instruments (including levels, theodolites, and steel tapes) to set the instrument exactly over a fixed survey marker, or to transcribe positions onto the ground for placing a marker. This is Thomas Xenakis's artistic interpretation of Doxology. (part 4 of a series of 4 pieces.) The focus or inspiration for this piece is derived from events and rituals taking place mostly during Lent; chants/ song practiced on Holy Thursday and Great Friday. Its the artists visual interpretation of the Hymn. The numbers in the framed spaces correspond both to the paintings and the Greek text on the art panel. About the donor and artist: Thomas Xenakis is a trained artist and academic lecturer. Currently giving lectures at Georgetown University and Marymount University, in Arlington ,VA. He studied the work of Greek Neo Byzantines and trained in the theology of the Icon, as well as done extensive research on the history of the Icon as far as the Greek Orthodox Church is concerned.
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