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circa 1900
Copper; Tin
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Mofettas, (is related to)
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This is the lid of a lidded pot made of hammered copper clad tin. The base of the pot is round, without handles of any type.  At the top of the base, there is a larger rim running around its circumference for the lid to sit in.

The lid fits perfectly inside the rim of the base and is slightly domed.  Decorative ridges run around the circumference of the lid at every point the lid increases in height.  A raised circular rim crowns the top and acts as a handle for the lid.  The under side of the lid has not been covered in copper.

The overall surface of the pot has the rough and well-worn patina of an aged, often used and much loved kitchen tool. 
This pot belonged to the mother of Anna Morfettas, who is the daughter of Katherine Morfettas. The objects were brought from Greece to the United States.
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