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Black, white, and brown glazed handmade and handpainted vase in the shape of a classic greek urn. Vase is short and narrow and on each side of the neck are small decorated handles that are straight and form right angles. The neck itself is covered with classical greek designs. On one side is a painted figure of a woman, fully robed, playing a tamborine. The other side shows a painted swirl design in brown glaze. On the botton of the vase is stamped "Kepameikoe" with a logo of a bull standing on a platform reading "AOHNA" or "ATHENS" in greek letters. "Handmade in Athens" "Greece" "1938" "21". Handwritten is "N: 8".
Donated by Angeline Kringas along with two other handpainted vases, a needle point astray and handpainted salt shaker. The ceramics appear to be made by the G Maras Co Athens in Greece which produced Neoclassical handpainted greek art. Although it is unclear if the "Keramikos" logo refers to a company, artisan, or locality, the area of Keramikos, or Kerameikos, is an area of Athens, Greece which is now an important acheaological site. In ancient Greece it was a settlement for potters and vase painters, and its name was derived from the Greek word kéramos, or "pottery clay", from which the English word "ceramic" is derived.
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