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Kapodistrias, Governor (is related to)
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Greek copper coin:
Obverse: "Kingdom of Greece" written in the Greek alphabet around the symbol of a phenix rising from the ashes, blowing smoke out of its beak with a cross above its head. Under this is a small box with greek letters spelling "aoka"
Reverse: "Governor Kapodistrias" written in Greek surrounding two branchs of leaves tied together with a bow, inside of which it says "10 Lepta"
Count Ioannis Antonios Kapodistrias (11 February 1776 – 9 October 1831), sometimes anglicized as John Capodistrias was a Greek Foreign Minister of the Russian Empire and one of the most distinguished politicians and diplomats of Europe. After a long career in European politics and diplomacy he was elected as the first head of state of independent Greece (1827–33) and he is considered the founder of the modern Greek State,and the founder of Greek independence.
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