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Long golden cylindrical metal coffee grinder. Has decorative circular engraving around the outside with a small mark and the number 3. It comes apart into two pieces, the top part is where the coffee beans are put in to be ground and the bottom part catches the grounds.
Coffee grinder bought in Nafpaletos in the 1920's The Hon Turkish Mill is a brass cylinder approximately 10 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter. There are four parts (starting from the top).The removeable handle has a hinge in the middle and folds out to about 5 inches long. The hinge is set up so that it is fully self-bracing while grinding. A small brass knob is at the end of the handle and it provides a good grip between thumb and index finger while grinding. The handle fits at the top of the grinder shaft. The grinder itself is about five inches long and the burrs are steel. The upper part of the grinder is the hopper for your beans. A full hopper holds sufficient beans for two doubles. The circular grinder cap that sits at the top of the grinder has a hole for the shaft, and it is removed to allow access to the hopper. The cap fits snugly over the grinder and there's no chance of it flying off even during energetic grinding. The lower end of the grinder slides into the cylindrical output hopper, where the giound coffee drops after passing through the grinder. Because this is a manual grinder, there is no static worth mentioning, and when you separate the lower part from the grinder, nothing spills. Many years ago I had a classic manual box grinder with the little drawer and I was always spilling grounds somewhere. That simply doesn't happen with this grinder. The grounds are at the bottom of a five-inch cylinder and unless you drop the cylinder, they're going to come out only where you want them to. The best thing about this grinder is the consistency of the grind.
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