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Certificate, Registration
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Papachristos, Spiros (owned by)
Papachristos, Katherine (is related to)
Papachristos, Zack (is related to)
Papachristos, George (is related to)
Object Description
George Papachristos registration certification printed on loose leaf paper. The page has ink handwriting in Greek. There are two official seals and a postage stamp on the page. There is also an embossed seal. The page is heavily creased and has tearing at the edges. The paper has a water mark in Greek which reads "Ellinikon Stamp Duty." There is also a watermark crest which reads "Kingdom of Greece 1916."
George and Spiros Papachristos immigrated to the U.S. from Greece in 1912 at the age of 16 or 17. They went back to Greece in the late 1930's. After WWII they moved to Utah. After living in Utah they moved to Chicago. This is registration certification for George Papachristou (spelling on the document) of Zacharia. He was aged 23 at the time of registration and born in 1895. His registration number is 488. He has lived in Chicago since 1912. The document is dated 1918.
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