Object ID
Object Name
Projector, Film Strip
Date Created
circa 1977
Metal; Plastic
Object Entities
Mantzoros, Peter (owned by)
Mantzoros, Peter (is related to)
Object Description
This is a Chinon Sound 9500 Twin Track Magnetic & Optical projector. It is all black in color with white and yellow printed text. The top of the projector has a handle that sits against the machine and lifts to be carried. The back of the projector has a large vent as well as owner instructions printed along the bottom with an adaptor plug. The buttons and dials are all on one side of the projector. The operating panel protrudes from the body of the projector. In the top right hand side of the panel is the name and title of the machine with the focus, zoom, and light window beneath it. Directly under this are two operating dials with white text. To the left of these dials is a window with 4 zeros displayed. This is the time recorder. Next to this is a window with level measuring. The bottom of the operating panel consists of several dials, buttons, and switches including sound and volume, track changing and recording, and inputs for microphones or other plugs. The top left of this side of the projector has a stem to place a film reel on. There is a film reel arm that extends out from the projector.
The Chinon sound 9500 twin track magnetic and optical is a super 8 film projector. This type of the projector was originally released in 1965. This model dates to the mid 1970s. Developed by Kodak, this film stock uses very small sprocket holes close to the edge that allow more of the film stock to be used for the images. This increases the quality of the image. The unexposed film is supplied in the 8 mm width, not split during processing as is the earlier 8 mm. Magnetic stripes could be added to carry encoded sound to be added after film development.
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