Projector, Slide

Object ID
Object Name
Projector, Slide
Slide Cube
Date Created
September 1969
Cardboard; Film; Plastic
Object Entities
Gardner, Paree (owned by)
Gardner, Paree (is related to)
Object Description
A clear plastic slide box containing 31 slides. "Nauplion, Ephesus, Kusadasi, Delos" are written on the label of the box. The slides contain images from Greece. 16 slides are labeled "Delos". Other labels include: Kusadasi, Moo. Ephesues, Epheseus:Early Christian Baptismal Font.,Ephesues: 2 sets of Frescos in early Greek Orthodox Church, Epheseus: Burial Site of St. James, Ephesus:Gate of Christian Fortress, Epheseus: Old (B.C.) City, Epheseus: Sign of Hospital, Ephesos, Venus: Mother, Epheseus, Where Paul Addressed Ephesians, Nauplion: Island of Bourtzi, Nauplion: Crusader Bell Tower, Nauplion: Crusader Fort + First Modern Capitol of Greece, The Pancratist Hagias (second half of the 4th cen. B.C.). And one slide labeled in Greek, it is of a populated seashore.
A slide projector is an opto-mechanical device to view photographic slides. Slide projectors became common since the 1950s as a form of entertainment; family members and friends would gather to view slide shows. In-home photographic slides and slide projectors have largely been replaced by low cost paper prints, digital cameras, DVD media, video display monitors, and video projectors.
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Projector, Slide, September 1969, National Hellenic Museum, Accessed 06/08/23.