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before 1922
Object Entities
Beck, Ariadne (collected by)
Crete, (created by)
Object Description
Antique Lyre, also known as a lyra, from Greece in the Cretian style. Handmade, hand carved pear shaped, three string fiddle. Made from a dark wood (walnut or mulberry), light weight. No siginficant design work or accreditation to one particular artist/maker. Lyra stands on three long tuners in the back. Lyra is missing bridge for strings to site over half-moon openings. Missing piece located inside the lyra, loose. This lyre accompanies item 2013.24.5b.
Handmade lyre from Crete. Shape differs from lyre in Greece, which presents more as a harp shape, over a guitar shape. Lyre purchase in 1964, Irakleia, Greece. Cretian lyre modelled after guitar and violin.
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Lyre, before 1922, National Hellenic Museum, https://collections.nationalhellenicmuseum.org/Detail/objects/10140. Accessed 09/30/22.