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late 1900s - late 1920s
Object Description
Record Album, containing 13 music records for a Victor-Victrola or phonographs. Outside of album: navy blue pebbled leather with gold foil stamp of 'Record Album' on front, lower right hand corner. Inside cover of album lists title of each record along with pocket number and artist. Each record measures, 9.25 inches in diameter and .125" thick. Each record has an A and B side. Only meant to be played on Victor-Victrola or phonograph recording machine. Each pocket made of kraft paper, with the ability to hold two Victor-Victrola records. All records of Greek music: hymns, opera, folk, classical.
Phonographs/Victor-Victrola's were popular from 1906-1929. Records contained one song per-side and were read by the needle of the phonograph recording machine.
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