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Object ID
Object Name
Picture, Needlework
Date Created
circa 1925
Cardboard; Glass; Paper; Silk; Wood
Object Entities
Satryb, MaryAnn (owned by)
Pazianos, George (is related to)
Kopterou, Anastasia (is related to)
Kopterou, Emanuel (is related to)
Kopterou, Dimitra (is related to)
Kopterou, Papadoula (is related to)
Kopterou, Irene (is related to)
Object Description
The backdrop is a faded white silk with water damage spots towards the bottom and at the top edges. In the center of the backdrop are three photographs placed in a triangular formation. Boardering each photo is red and faded white thread twisted together. The backdrop around the photos has become aged, exposing cardboard underneath. The top photo is oval and depicts the donor's grandmother, Anastasia Kopterou. The bottom two photos are rectangular. The bottom right depicts the donor's uncle, Emanuel Kopterou. Standing to his left is his wife, Dimitra Kopterou and seated in the center is the donor's grandmother Anastasia. Seated to the right is Papadoula. Standing to Emanuel's right is Irene. The bottom left photo depicts Papadoula standing on the right and Irene standing on the left. Woven around each photograph are embroidered red flowers on a green vine with green leaves. Hand drawn outlines can be seen around the photos and the embroidery. The backdrop is framed by a worn brown wooden frame with a parital silver finish over a braided design. The bottom of the frame is chipping and stripped wood is exposed. Glass is covering the front.
The photos are taken in Greece and depict the donor's family. George M. Pazianos is the donor's grandfather who was born in 1900 in Plagia, Lesvos, Greece. He Emigrated to the US in 1914 and married the donor's grandmother Anastasia in 1927 and settled in Manchester, CT. He died in 1990. The style of the work is typical of European immigrants as a way to commemorate family members.
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