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Polley, Theodore (is related to)
Policandriotes, John (is related to)
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Cone-shaped metal decanter with spout. The main base of the decanter is cone-shaped and made from a single sheet  of metal held together by a narrow strip of metal in the back. The top has an opening resembling a funnel - It has a wide mouth at the top and a much more narrow opening at the bottom where it enters the decanter. The spout consists of two cylindrical straw-like pieces of metal.  The first and longer piece is attached to the decanter at the bottom of the base and rises vertically at a ~75 degree angle to a height almost as tall as the decanter itself.  The second cylinder is attached to the first one at the top and juts out horizontally for easy pouring. The entire object is completely rusted and is a brownish-orange color.
Dr. Theodore Z. Polley was born on February 22, 1915 to parents John Policandriotes and Marlo Contos. He was raised in Joliet, Illinois and attended school there until 1937, when he attended University of Illinois. By 1941 he had become a medical doctor. He has gained associate professorships at numerous Universities, sat on the board of many hospitals and medical organizations, and operated a private practice in Joliet. He married Catherine Cordogan in 1942 and has had three children. These items probably were not used by him, though. Judging by the age of the items, they were most likely used by his parents and had been passed down to him.
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