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Statue, Religious
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Semeges, Mary (collected by)
Semeges, Mary (owned by)
Athena, (is related to)
Semeges, Mary (is related to)
Object Description
Plaster statue of Greek goddess Athena. She is wearing a war helmet and a blue and white toga. Her right hand looks as if it were once holding a spear, but the spear is no longer connected to the statue. A hole in the base of the statue further suggests this. Her left arm has fallen off, leaving a stump and a mark on her stomach where her hand was probably glued. She is standing on a white circular base. The bottom of the statue identifies that the statue was handmade by Kutahia in Athens.
Kutahia is a small merchant in Athens that makes statues and pottery which reflect the tradition of Ancient Greece. Although their products are handmade, they are reproductions.
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