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Medal, Commemorative
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Chelos, James (owned by)
Chelos, James (is related to)
Pilafas, Eugenia (is related to)
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Silver medallion belonging to James K. Chelos. It is unknown why he was given this medal. The medallion shows an eagle clutching an arrow in its talons. On the eagles chest is a crest resembling the American flag. This eagle closely resembles the eagle that appears on the Presidential seal. The medallion is attached to a silver chain and is housed in a black case.
Admitted into the bar in 1930, James Chelos served as a lawer in Chicago until 1952, when he was elected to judgeship in Cook County. This made him the first Greek judge in Illinois. Chelos was also a founding member of the Hellenic Bar Association of Illinois. The HBA is an organization which was founded in 1951 by Greek immigrants who had become lawyers. The organization stressed unity and community service among its lawyers. The organization still exists today.

Themis is an organization in Chicago which helps young law students prepare for the bar examination. James Chelos, a lawyer himself, was very involved in helping young Greeks pass the bar examination through this organization.
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