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after 1952
Object Entities
Chelos, James (owned by)
Pilafas, Eugenia (collected by)
Object Description
Wooden gavel which was used by Judge James K. Chelos. It is two pieces of wood which seem to be glued together. The handle is wood of a lighter color. It is very thin and bulbs out towards where it connects to the head. The head is a large cylinder which has a small hole in the center of each of its flat sides. There are some parts of the head which are scratched, indicating that it has been used. The whole thing has been covered with finish and is very smooth.
Admitted into the bar in 1930, James Chelos served as a lawer in Chicago until 1952, when he was elected to judgeship in Cook County. This made him the first Greek judge in Illinois. Chelos was also a founding member of the Hellenic Bar Association of Illinois. The HBA is an organization which was founded in 1951 by Greek immigrants who had become lawyers. The organization stressed unity and community service among its lawyers. The organization still exists today.
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