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Frame, Picture
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Phillos, George (owned by)
Secaras, John (collected by)
Object Description
Framed picture of Pvt. George Phillos of the U.S. Army during WWI. The photo itself is 3.5 x 5". The photo is a sepia tone, and it shows Pvt. George Phillos in Army uniform, against a plain white backdrop. Around the photograph is a metal frame. The frame's base color is a gold color, while the details of the frame are painted according to what they are. The frame is a rectangular shape, with patterned details along the perimeter and edges. These details along the perimeter and the corners seem to have some slight discoloration to them, showing up a greenish color. At the bottom of the frame, are two small cannons, painted brown, and crossing each other. On each side of the frame, there are two, silver swords crossing each other. And then at the top portion of the frame, there is a snare drum, colored gold, with two golden trumpets or horned instruments coming out of each side of the drum, and slightly past that, there are two American flags by each of the horned instruments. Laying on the very top, technically above the frame, is a bald eagle, spreading its wings to rest on the top of the frame. The eagle is looking left (when looking at the frame). The back of the frame has a small, ornate stand that allows the picture frame to be propped up against itself.
Not much is found on George Phillos. Object # 1993.42.20 shows George's Registration certificate when he registered for the military.
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