Emil Teschendorff

Life Dates
May 15, 1833 – June 4, 1894
Emil Teschendorff (born May 15, 1833 in Stettin ; † June 4, 1894 in Berlin ) was a German history and architecture painter.

His parents were Johann Anton Gustav Teschendorff, pastor of the Stettiner Johanniskirche from 1827–1875 and his wife Julia Augusta Antonia geb. Schröder, his grandfather the ship joiner Johann Teschendorff.

From 1850 to 1851 he studied Protestant theology in Bonn . During his studies in 1850 he became a member of the Frankonia fraternity in Bonn . He switched to painting. In the late 1850s Emil Teschendorff studied painting at the Royal Prussian Academy of the Arts in Berlin , from November 13, 1860 he studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Munich with Carl Theodor von Piloty .

After completing his studies, Teschendorff returned to Berlin around 1866. Teschendorff devoted himself to vedute, portrait and history painting. His works often showed scenes from literature and mythology such as "Luther and Melanchthon", "Cleopatra", "Antigone and Ismene", "Electra", "Oedipus and Antigone", "Romeo and Juliet". He also created wall paintings in the auditorium of the Rendsburg high school. In 1888 he was appointed professor at the Berlin Academy.

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